Long distance services to and from Edinburgh have been co-ordinated to pass through Ferrytoll to give departures every 5-10 minutes during the daytime.  Journeys from Ferrytoll to Edinburgh typically take around 35 minutes, however, during weekday peaktimes, journey times may be longer.

Services from Dundee, St Andrews, Cupar, Glenrothes, Leven, Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline – Stagecoach Services X5, X9, X51, X54, X55, X56, X58, X59 & X60 – call in at Ferrytoll on route to Edinburgh. Other routes serve North Queensferry, Duloch Park, Crossford, Cowdenbeath, Dalgety Bay, Kirkliston, Livingston, Glasgow, London, and Edinburgh Airport.

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Edinburgh City Centre Map

Composite Timetable for Services to Edinburgh City Centre

Buses will operate every 5-10 minutes (Monday to Saturday, daytime); more frequently at peak times and less frequently in the evening and on Sundays. All journeys by all bus companies running between Ferrytoll and Edinburgh City Centre are listed in chronological order, below.

Click here for composite timetable to/from Edinburgh, Livingson/Glasgow 

Individual Services Timetables

Full routes and timetables for individual services are listed below.

You can also visit the operators’ own websites.

X5EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for X5 timetable
F6Steelend - Dunfermline - Limekilns - Ferrytoll ALL STOPSYESClick here for F6 timetable
7DDunfermline - Ferrytoll / North QueensferryALL STOPSYESClick here for 7D timetable
X9EdinburghALL STOPSYESClick here for X9 timetable
X51Livingston - Harthill- Eurocentral - Glasgow LIMITED STOPSYESClick here for X51 timetable
X54Dundee - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for X54 timetable
X55Dunfermline - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for 55/X55 timetable
N55Dunfermline - EdinburghALL STOPSYESClick here for N55 timetable
X56Perth - Kinross - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for X56 timetable
X58Leven - Kirkcaldy - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for X58 timetable
X59St Andrews Cupar - Glenrothes - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for X59 timetable
X60St Andrews - Kirkcaldy - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for X60 timetable
71Kincardine - InverkeithingALL STOPSYESClick here for 71 timetable
86Ferrytoll - Dunfermline - SteelendALL STOPSYESClick here for 86 timetable
87Dunfermline - Ferrytoll / North QueensferryALL STOPSYESClick here for 87 timetable
88Rosyth Europarc - InverkeithingALL STOPSYESClick here for 88 timetable
89/89ACrossford - Dunfermline - North QueensferryALL STOPSYESClick here for 89/89A timetable
M90Perth - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for M90 timetable
M91Perth - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSNOClick here for M91 timetable
747Halbeath P&R - Edinburgh AirportLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for 747 timetable

Every care has been taken by Fife Council when compiling this information. Fife Council does not accept responsibility for errors or omissions. Passengers are advised to contact the bus operator or Traveline to clarify details of any bus service prior to travelling.